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Divine Identity

Our passion is to see girls and women discover their identity as daughters of God and help them build confidence and self-worth.

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You Are…

Our mission is to help you identify who you truly are. It’s about recognizing your divine nature, acknowledging your title, and standing as a princess—the daughter of a King. As you learn more about your identity as a beloved daughter of Heavenly Father, you’ll be empowered with confidence to share your light with the world!

The 7 Principles of My Divine Identity

My Divine Identity introduces seven life-changing principles that will guide you on the path toward understanding and embracing your divinity.

Ready to go on a journey of 


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Engaging Activities to Help Honor, Accept, & Recognize Your Divinity

Inside, you will find a combination of fun-filled activities with stories, scriptures, coloring pages, journal pages, and quotes. Record your thoughts and beliefs, acknowledge your gifts and talents, identify fears and challenges, and jot down things that are important to you. At the end of this process, you will see how far you have come, and you will experience the power of your divine identity.

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